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Why Pilates Vitality Studio & Wellness Center?

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Knowing Your Pilates Instructors & Pilates Studio...

Pilates Vitality Studio & Wellness Center is the original Pilates studio of Fox Chapel. Our instructors come from many different fitness backgrounds, but all rooted in a fundamental belief in the Pilates principles. As a result of the sudden surge of the "Pilates" name over the past decade, there have been many studios surfacing on every corner. Our studio has been in Fox Chapel for  almost 12 years; well before Pilates was a household name! All of our instructors are easygoing, friendly, and motivating. They have studied under the best, and have spent years working on their specialties and establishing rapport and trust from Physical Therapists and Physicians in this area. Our instructors have worked for years to earn in depth certifications from some of the top notch Pilates pioneers, and we continue our education through additional workshops and trainings. We are trained in both the Classical method as well as the Contemporary technique of Pilates and have the ability to combine these two to develop a very specific program for our clients.

There are many trainings and certifications in Pilates that have coincided with the rapid "surge" of the Pilates name. Along with this surge came an enormous growth of Pilates studios both internationally and locally. When establishing yourself with a new studio or trainer, it is important that you ask where they have trained, where they have certified, what levels of certification they have completed, and how long they have been teaching Pilates.  Also, it is advised that you question them as to their experience in working with injuries and limitations, or with the sports specific benefits of Pilates. These questions will help in making an informed decision when choosing the instructor and studio that is right for you and your needs. 

Pilates Vitality Studio

Know Your Studio

Our studio is the original Pilates studio of Fox Chapel, and we have been providing professional Pilates, fitness, and wellness services since 2003. Our instructors have many years experience in working with the individual athletic and rehabilitative needs of our clients. We are skilled at developing a program that is best suited specifically for the needs of our clients so that we can work together to reach their desired fitness goals.


Our instructors have experience in working collaboratively with local physical therapists and physicians as the next step after physical therapy. We talk to, and have even gone to physical therapy appointments with our clients to ensure that we continue on the same wellness path as the therapist or doctor. In addition, our instructors are equally trained for just the average person that wants to look and feel great while being in their best shape!

Our instructors are trained with multiple comprehensive certifications in the Classical as well as the Contemporary method of Pilates, so rest assured that our instructors have a vast knowledge of the Pilates technique as well as an in depth understanding of anatomy and physiology. When our studio opened, the first question that we were asked was "what is Pilates?". Now that Pilates benefits are well known and practiced worldwide, the question now is "when can I start?”.


We currently offer the following Pilates classes:

  • Private Pilates Sessions
  • Duet Pilates Sessions
  • Trio Pilates Classes
  • Pilates Mat Classes

In addition to Pilates, we offer:

  • Barre
  • Total Body Blast!


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